Servant Leaders in the Philippines

Interviewed by Jesenia Hernandez

A couple months ago, we had the honor of hosting Ruth and Ton Ortega, cofounders of Shepherd’s Home of Servant Leadership, at the Leo Center. In 2008, Center for Sharing was invited to teach servant leadership to a bible college in the Philippines as a pilot project to explore its usefulness in training local pastors in Asia. The impact was a change of heart for many, as they discovered their passion, purpose, and how to use it in service to God and their neighbors. However, the leadership of the bible college decided that servant leadership was not the philosophy they wanted to teach and those who continued the teaching were asked to leave the island; Ruth and Ton were amongst that group.  

Today they devote their lives to growing a community of people that intentionally chooses to live together with common values and practices of servant leadership.

Listen to their story and reflections here:

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