Jubilee Foundation

Engaging the people

Jubilee Foundation develops and nurtures life-giving communities. Our communities are places that encourage people to come together and discover greater meaning and purpose for their lives as they share their God-given gifts to serve the common good.

Core to our approach are four strategies


Honoring Diversity

Exposure to new cultures, ideas, and economies offer residents the opportunity to grow, and places the community in a healthier position to meet challenges. Our communities seek to provide this diversity in all of its many forms through relationships, events and activities.



Everyone should be known and loved.  Staff in our communities walk alongside those who may be at risk of being lost, forgotten or pushed aside.  In our approach to do ‘with’ not ‘for’, we seek to equip individuals and families with the capacity to move past their challenges and engage the world.


Nurturing a Spirit of Care

Jubilee Foundation seeks to nurture a culture within communities that enhances the level of interaction and care that we have for each other.  The degree to which the spirit of the community is raised becomes evident in whether residents serve each other and steward their environment.



A community needs a gathering place that is neither work nor home.  In these welcoming places, individuals can feel a sense of safety and belonging, which then provides the opportunity for relationships between individuals to form.


Irene – Building Connections

Irene is a new resident of the Tierra Vida community. She has been taking medication and getting treatment for a mental health issue. Recently, Irene suffered from a relapse and began having episodes, which led her to withdraw from her husband and three-year-old daughter.  Jubilee staff ...