Values and Principles


Knowing our Place


The Broetje Family Trust operates in Eastern Washington, and is a collective of three family foundations all birthed out of the founding vision of Broetje Orchards to “go and bear fruit, fruit that will last (John 15:16).

For over 50 years we farmed the land here, working alongside people from all walks of life, learning from each other how to best steward both human and natural resources, and work together towards a more just and loving world.

From these experiences, we crafted core values and principles that continue to guide our work today.


Our five core values


God has destined us in love (Eph 1:4-5).

Live life as God’s beloved son or daughter.


All people are created in God's image (Gen1:27)

Look for the good in all people, especially those now marginalized.


God has a purpose for the world and for every person in it (1 Cor: 12).

Help others discover and practice their purpose.


Everything in the cosmos is connected (Col 1:15-20). 

Teach, model and reward teamwork.


God rules with compassion (Lk 12:41-48).  

Empower one another in service to the common good.

Our Principles


As we enter our 4th generation as a family, our work has evolved from growing a business and bearing fruit, to seeding new opportunities for growth and service in others.

We envision a world teeming with holistic, flourishing communities, each serving in their place, out of their unique call and gifts, contributing to their own piece of God’s dream for the world.

Place Based – we honor the land and unique history and geography of each place, and seek to nurture that way of living with others and creation.

Practitioners – we are called to be co-creators with God, to work every day, to learn by doing, and to use our individual gifts to innovate and grow.

Partners – we reach out to the most marginalized, join together in service of the common good, and share our learnings with others.

Purpose Driven – we are entrusted with fulfilling God’s dream, drawing forth the unique gifts and call of each person to engage in the world.