Investing in safe families, mindful leadership, and sustainable livelihoods.

How we engage with and invest in others

Immigrant Advocacy

Global Grants

Shelton Award

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International Grants

Vista Hermosa Foundation invests in the growth of holistic wellbeing in marginalized communities in Mexico, Haiti, India, and East Africa.

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Immigrant Advocacy

Our Immigrant Advocacy initiative works at the national level, at the US-Mexico border, and in our local Tri-Cities region.

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Shelton Award

honoring the life and legacy of Joe Shelton and his love for land and people.

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a private K-8 school where each student is known deeply, loved unconditionally, and learning holistically.

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Our approach


As farmers, we have learned from the land. We prioritize rural communities in an effort to keep people in community, to protect indigenous knowledge, and to nurture rootedness and good stewardship for future generations.


As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors. We seek to partner with visionary leaders who use their faith to inspire a mindset change in community, responding to God’s call to service and justice.


As practitioners, we sit with people in their brokenness. We prioritize grassroots initiatives that rise up from communities marked by migration, violence, and exclusion to promote healing and reconciliation.