Immigrant Advocacy


Walking Alongside Immigrant Communities

Since the early 1980’s, the Broetje family has sought to understand people and their stories. This has included the migration stories of thousands of people who came to work on the farm at Broetje Orchards.

As people shared their stories of fear, violence, and economic instability in their countries of origin, we felt called to do more than provide jobs and housing. Over the years, the insights gained from working alongside these growing and diversifying communities has shaped a vision for community building that supports people’s overall well-being and development.

Today, we work at three levels to address pressing topics related to US immigration — at the national level, at the US-Mexico border, and in our local, Tri-Cities region.


Our Advocacy

DACA advocates

National Advocacy

Since the mid-1990s, we have partnered with organizations working at the national level to involve business and faith communities in education and advocacy aimed at 'welcoming the stranger' — the immigrants and refugees who contribute to the richness and diversity of American life.


Led by Love

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The Masses Move Mountains

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