Stewarding a legacy of 'bearing fruit that will last' through three family foundations.


Jubilee Foundation

A community development institution promoting spiritual wellbeing and service to the common good.

Servant Leadership Week-14


An experiential learning community around the teaching and practice of servant leadership development.


Vista Hermosa

A grantmaking institution investing in safe, healthy families, mindful leadership and sustainable livelihoods.

Center for Sharing is changing our name to Centros.

  Centros conveys that our mission is not a single thing, not practiced in a single place, nor represented in a single way.


Our founding story

We are a collective of three family foundations, birthed out of a visionary call to grow place-based communities of practice rooted in mutual healing, connection, and holistic transformation.

Collectively, these foundations hold in trust the legacy of Broetje Orchards and Vista Hermosa community, which, by serving as our learning lab for over 50 years, endowed us with the teachings and resources to grow our vision into the future.

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