Tierra Vida Community


An Intentional Community


Jubilee Foundation has been part of the Tierra Vida community since its very beginning in 2005. Starting from a bare piece of ground that had been neglected and tossed aside, it has developed a vibrant community consisting of 250 single-family and 126 multi-family units, housing over 1,500 people.

The Tierra Vida is located on 'A' Street in Pasco, WA. The name means ‘land and life’ and speaks to the importance of place, our connection to it and others living there.  We believe that the common space of land that we share has the power to transcend differences between individuals and contribute to wellness. Through its apartments, Rec Center and outreach programs, Jubilee Foundation seeks to bring people together, moving them from ‘strangers’ to ‘neighbors’.

Please visit our Tierra-Vida.com site to explore all that Tierra Vida does.