Vista Hermosa Foundation

Nurturing the roots of holistic wellbeing


Rather than focus on project-based outputs or services, we seek to invest in the holistic wellbeing of people living in vulnerable communities around the world.

Through our grantmaking, we prioritize community-led initiatives that seek to heal people’s connections to God, self, others, and creation. As communities embrace new mindsets about their own identity and purpose, and learn to steward resources in more innovative ways, new paths unfold.



We believe if you heal the spirit of a people, they will lead themselves

We believe that it is not simply lack of access to such things as education, healthcare and job creation that keeps communities from flourishing, but a much deeper brokenness of spirit evidenced by lack of voice, purpose, meaningful relationships, agency and connection. (See Theory of Change)


Choosing our Grant Partners


When exploring new partnerships, we use the following criteria in our evaluation process.

We focus on 4 geographic areas – Mexico, Haiti, India, and East Africa – prioritizing community-based organizations in specific regions of each country that can be connected and learn from each other.

Our support goes beyond funding. We seek to be mutual partners, creating opportunities for networking and collaboration across regions.

We seek partners who share our values and approach to living and working in community: we are place-based, prioritizing rural communities; we are faith-inspired, responding to God's call to service and justice; and we are healing-centered, prioritizing grassroots initiatives that promote healing and reconciliation.

If your organization meets all of our partner requirements and would be interested in future funding, please fill out our inquiry form.


Our Global Partners

Our current grantees work in one or more of the following areas of community development.

Safe, Healthy Families:

Nurturing child protection, women’s and girl’s wellbeing, and violence prevention.

Mindful Leadership:

Building inclusivity, communities of healing and reconciliation, and care for the common good.

Sustainable Livelihoods:

Promoting indigenous knowledge, social entrepreneurship, and regenerative agriculture.



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Combatting Gender-Based Violence in Latin America

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We For Others: Mindset Change in India

Welcoming ceremony in Bettiah When I (Joseph) joined Vista Hermosa Foundation as a Program Officer to steward relationships with partners in East Africa and India, I was excited about the possibility of visiting India. Recently I took my first flight to India with mixed expectations. ...