Fathers don’t get the credit they deserve! I believe the role they play in shaping a child’s life is equally as important as a mother’s role. That is why I was excited to do something to honor them. At the Center for Sharing, we did something similar to what we did on Mother’s day. Starting Tuesday of last week, we arranged for a special corner at the Collegium Cafe with all supplies needed to make a beautiful card for fathers. We offered printed cards that the children could use their creativity to embellish, and personalize themselves, making the card even more special. It gave the children a sense of satisfaction to make a card on their own for their dad. One sister came to me and told me that she was so happy to see her brother prepare a card for their father. She said that her brother has never expressed his love for his parents and she was down to tears to see her brother make a card for their father. Another little girl from the Karen community walked into my office and in a low tone told me that she does not have a father. I was caught off guard and did not know what to say to her. Somehow, I thought to ask her if she had a grandfather that was special to her. She replied in the positive. So I suggested to her to prepare a card for him. The expression on her face had to be seen to be believed. She ran towards the table and screamed out to her friend that she was preparing a card for Grand Pa. It brought me joy to bring a smile on the faces of these little ones. I was also delighted to see Stephanie, our CASA bookkeeper, take time to make a card for her father as well.

I loved being able to host this activity at the Collegium Café for the Tierra Vida community. Father’s Day for me is always special as it brings back memories of my father who will always be my hero, my role model and the greatest source of inspiration in my life. I think that we are sometimes guilty of taking people for granted… especially our parents for the huge contributions they have made to our lives. It is our parents who have given us this wonderful life and what better way to honour them on a special day like the FATHER’S DAY?


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