Celebrating Mama Maggie

Stephen’s Children Founder Mama Maggie Gobran was recently recognized with an Arab Hope Makers Award. The award, given by Emirati Vice President, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, recognized five leaders from among 65,000 nominees.

The happy news comes as Stephen’s Children finishes a successful academic year in its more than 95 schools, and prepares for a summer full of camp activities for Egypt’s poorest children.

Although Mama Maggie’s work has been recognized many times in Egypt and internationally, this marks the first time she has been recognized within the larger community of Arab countries.

In her remarks before a crowd of 2,500 at the award ceremony in Dubai, Mama Maggie began, “the value of a human is incomparable to any other value.”

Please join the Stephen’s Children team in celebrating this good news, and pray for God’s continued blessing and protection over the ministry in Egypt and the region as a whole. Summer is always a challenging time in Egypt. As always, Mama Maggie and the team are grateful for your support.

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