It Takes a Community

Left to right: Alicia Malligon, Jonathan Llamas and Walter Chimal.

Filmed and edited by the Communications Team

RISE Scholar Jonathan Llamas is majoring in social work and criminal justice at Columbia Basic College. In 2006, Jonathan’s family was one of the first who moved into Tierra Vida, an affordable community in East Pasco, WA started by what’s now the Broetje Family Trust. Jonathan chuckles, “I still remember when sagebrush covered everything.”

Jonathan remembers skating with his new neighborhood buddies and attending the after-school program. Walter Chimal and Alicia Magallon mentored him, and according to Jonathan, helped him to develop into the person he is today. Jonathan eventually joined the Trust’s RISE (Resilient, Inspired Student Engagement) program, learning about servant leadership with other college students in Tierra Vida.

“I now feel at ease, at home, and like myself here thanks to Walter, Alicia, and the RISE program.”
Watch the video below to hear Jonathan Llamas’ reflection and story.

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