A Visit to el Centro de Compartimiento

A Visit to el Centro de CompartimientoThings seem to be going very well at CDC as we enter the fifth year since the birth of the dream for a community in which girls could live and study while learning about themselves and the greater community through community service.

Glenn, Cheryl and Luke recently returned from a five-day trip to Juchitán, Oaxaca. During our meetings with the girls this trip, every one of them was able to ar-ticulate a sense of their personal dream/vision/purpose, sometimes through tears.During the visit we were watching for signs of growth in several areas:

  • Spiritual
  • Academic
  • Social
  • Community
  • Understanding of the mission/vision values of CDC

Two comments:

The girls have held regular Thursday eve-ning studies in bible and servant leader-ship since the beginning. Others in the community are attending, and others asking if they too can join these studies, hence the need for a classroom. As a result, CDC is extending its vision as a provider of SL development not only for residential students, but also for the greater community.

There is a newly articulated sense after five years, that “CDC is giving women a place to discover and use their voices, especially in the presence of other women as a kind of preparation for living and participation in a two-gender world”. This is a true for the adult women in-volved as it is for the girls. There is a new appreciation among them that women can cry AND act powerfully together for good in the world.

For many of the girls, CDC offers them the sense of family support they need in order to take and stay on this less travelled road. Several are painfully aware that their biological families do not fully share their new-found hopes and dreams at this time, and hence, they withhold expressions of their love. This is ex-tremely painful for a few…but they all expressed deep gratitude for the support of the Center for Sharing and it’s donors.If you want to join us in changing the lives of these wonderful young women by pro-viding your financial support, please give us a call at 509-546-5999. We hope you can join us on an upcoming visit to Oaxaca and experience the incredible things God is doing at CDC!

Additional Notes: Adela Toledo, our board chair, recently was appointed to be the director of DIF (The Mexican equiva-lent of DSHS) in their region! This post offers many, many, possibilities that may benefit the girls of CDC. They feel like the hand of God opening doors.


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