Visitors from Ukraine and Kazakhstan

The Center for Sharing was blessed to receive a visit from a group of  future international servant leaders from Kazakhstan and Ukraine as a part of Coserve’s 2011 International Servant Leadership Academy (ISLA). The leaders spent part of a day at CFS and another two days touring Broetje Orchards and Jubilee Youth Ranch. We were excited to discuss Servant Leadership and it’s application in a business and non-profit setting and what we need to do to make a world that works for everyone.

The leaders spent some time in the daycare and school at Vista Hermosa and gained some insight into Servant Leadership and how it’s applied in a community and workplace. One girl mentioned that a young girl of only four years at the daycare took on the role of a servant leader in serving as her host and translating for her from Spanish to English. It was a delight to have the leadership students here as part of a several week program on Servant Leadership. The future of Kazakhstan is bright if these young leaders continue to practice and apply Servant Leadership in their society! Thanks to Dr. Marshall Christensen and Dan Ballast as well as the other folks from the US who helped lead the trip! If you’d like to learn more about the work of Co-Serve, visit their website at

The Center for Sharing continues to shine as a beacon of the hope that is offered in a society lead by real servant leaders who are looking to create a better society. We’re excited to be part of a growing community! If you’d like to learn more about Servant Leadership, please contact us at 509-546-5999 to learn more about our ongoing Servant Leadership Courses.



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