The Call to Community Magazine

Vista Hermosa Foundation has just released our first publication, The Call to Community: Fruits of Servant Leadership magazine!  This magazine features stories from all eight members of our PAC Initiative, offering an inspiring look into how these communities have grown and flourished over the years.  Five of these partners are located here in rural communities of southeastern Washington State, and three are located overseas.  Collectively, they share a commitment to one another and represent our best hope for what servant leadership can bring to marginalized communities around the world.

Please click on the link below to download a pdf version or contact our office for more information on how to obtain a copy.  Also visit our Servant Leadership page to learn about our work and how you can connect with any of the communities featured here!

The Call to Community: Fruits of Servant Leadership

Communities include:

The Center for Sharing

Broetje Orchards

Vista Hermosa Community

Tierra Vida Community

Jubilee Leadership Academy

Centro de Compartimiento, Oaxaca, Mexico

Shepherd’s Home of Servant Leadership, Philippines

SLEC International, Naivasha, Kenya

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