On Thursday last week we had surprise visitors at the Collegium. All of a sudden there appeared to be a lot of activity in the Café area. A closer look helped me recognize that Don Havry was a part of this group. Don Havry is a fellow Rotarian club member at the Pasco/Kennewick Rotary club. It was nice to see him, I greeted and welcomed him and the group to the Collegium Café. The group of twelve highly energetic seniors filled up the café space quickly, for coffee and hot food on a cold wintery day.

Don told me that the group was a part of the Fun, Fit and over Fifty Club of the Tri-Cities, WA. He said that they were on a 18 mile bicycle ride and had visited the Sacajawea Park. They were on their way back when they decided to stop at the Collegium Café for some Coffee and Breakfast. He told me that they have visited in the past and have liked the hospitality here and therefore choose to stop in when out on a ride in our direction. They stated that it was wonderful to be at a Café that was making a difference in the lives of the vulnerable.

Welcoming and Inclusive communities create a sense of homeliness and belonging. A safe haven for all regardless of their culture, religion or background. The Fun, Fit and over Fifty Club are a group that is encouraging a positive, healthy, and a vibrant life style even after crossing Fifty. We at the Collegium are always happy to welcome friends! May they be blessed with many more years to enjoy riding through this special part of the county together! They are a blessing to us.


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