Resiliency in Action

With the Governor’s stay-at-home order in full swing, residents have stepped up their leadership within Jubilee Foundation’s Tierra Vida community. From simple communications of support, to sharing resources between community member, and hosting family get-togethers over social media, our Tierra Vida community has found ways in which to deepen their connection to God, Self, Others and Place.

Izcader Penaloza is a prime example. Three years ago, Izcader relocated her family to Tierra Vida through our State’s Domestic Violence Program.  Jubilee staff walked with Izcader as she overcame the many traumas and safety concerns she had.  In Tierra Vida where she could find safety and a sense of belonging, she achieved her dream of becoming a beautician.  Like many in our community, she has felt the effects of the COVID19 crisis. But, despite the new hardships, she has been serving her community by hosting a weekly, virtual Loteria (bingo-night). Gathering donations from whomever is willing to share, she hands out prizes to the winner of each round, and in so doing provides our community members with a moment of family fun and respite.

As Izcader recently visited the Toyota Center Food Bank in search of resources for her family, she went from thinking of her immediate family to thinking of others – her neighbors – and realized that many do not have the transportation to go to the local food banks.  Speaking on their behalf, she expressed this concern to the onsite administrator and they quickly acted to support her. Izcader was able to bring back 15 boxes of non-perishable boxes to hand out to the Tierra Vida Community members.

When asked about why she did this, she said, “Aunque he tenido la oportunidad de dar, también he sido muy bendecida por mis vecinos de tierra vida.”  Translated: “While now I have the opportunity to give, I have also been very blessed by my Tierra Vida neighbors.”

16 But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. Matthew 13:16

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