Partners with a Purpose

Filmed and edited by the Communications Team

Last month, Broetje Family Trust hosted Kristin Lietz and Adela Toledo Luis of Centro de Compartimiento A.C. (Center for Sharing in English), a nonprofit organization based in Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico.

After visiting an orphanage in Juchitan in 2005, Cheryl Broetje and Glenn Cross of the Center for Sharing developed a new way to support the growth of young people in rural areas who had a desire to pursue a high school and college education. They knew from Vista Hermosa Foundation’s work investing in women and girls across the world that these investments bear fruit by decreasing poverty rates, improving health outcomes, and providing a brighter future for the whole community. This knowledge motivated the Center for Sharing to create Centro de Compartimiento to provide a safe space for young rural women to achieve their goals. The girls live in a communal home with their female mentors to create a positive community and environment for them to learn. Eventually they started a café for the community to gather and connect and for young women from the program to learn job skills.

Centro de Compartimiento has become a beacon for helping women find their calling and voice through the teachings of Servant Leadership and sharing fellowship, meals and support. The students take what they learn and apply it to help resolve issues within their families and communities, and in the process become “healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, and more likely to serve others” in the words of Robert Greenleaf, the father of Servant Leadership. 

Watch the video below of Kristin and Adela’s most recent reflections and stories of transformation from their work.

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