Misery to Ministry

Interviewed by Jesenia Hernandez

Cheryl Broetje, Omar Escalera, Rick Griffin, and Ralph Broetje reunite at the Leo Center

Rick Griffin is the Director of Training at Community Resilience Initiative (CRI). However, his favorite title is husband to Leann Griffin and father to two amazing boys! Rick has been on a journey to find a sense of community and belonging ever since the first day he walked into the Center for Sharing in the 1990’s. Over time, he has come to realize that his experience as a person of color greatly contributed to his desire to be loved for who he truly is. He has transformed his misery into his ministry, pouring unconditional love into the lives of others.

In the 1990s, Rick played a vital role in the founding of Jubilee Leadership Academy, a residential program for young men who needed a new beginning. Today we celebrate Rick and his endeavor to teach trauma informed care and resiliency to thousands of people across the country, in turn helping them to become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous and more likely to serve others.

This summer we had the amazing opportunity to host CRI’s 7th annual conference in the Leo Center and reunite with Rick Griffin once again! Listen to Rick share his story and join him in the realization of God’s dream, for all:

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