A Medical Brigade and Haircuts

The young women of CDC are in the process of becoming servant leaders in their communities. Part of  training to become a servant leader involves service, not only to family and friends, but also to the community. The 14th of May four of the young women from CDC, Gaby, Aurora, Xochitl and Aurora visited the seventh section of Juchitan, a low income area of town where many suffer from poor health due to the conditions.

Aurora, a young woman with our program who’s heart has been touched by the love of God for her, decided to show that love to others by giving haircuts. Natividad, who has recently found her passion and calling in the profession of nursing, worked to provide the appropriate medicines to those in need. The other young women helped in the various administrative duties of the medical brigade team. We’re excited to see these young women develop into future leaders in their communities as they learn new skills and reach out to help those who are are in need…to continue the chain of kindness. We’re blessed to be a part of the work God is doing in Juchitan. Next month, the will be working in a nearby community. Thanks for your support in helping make this happen! If aren’t yet a supporter but would like to be, you can donate online here. Thanks in advance for your generousity!



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