As I was walking through the Collegium one day, a little boy looking extremely adorable reading something happened to catch my eye. Sheer curiosity made me walk towards him. He was reading a brochure of the evening program that we have at the Collegium every day. I asked him for his name and he replied back “Josias Del Cid”. He said that he was seven (7) years old and studying in Grade 2.

I asked Josias what he was doing. He instantly replied that he was reading. I asked him what he had understood from his reading, and he replied that he was still reading. I asked him if he would let me know once he finished, and explain to me what he understood. He said that he would do so. It was not too long before Josias approached me and told me that the evening program at the Center for Sharing talks about sharing, giving, and making friends. I was amazed to hear this level of understanding coming from a 7 year old. I asked him what he thought about living in this community. He said, “I love it because it is a community that helps each other.”  He also said that it is nice to share food with friends who do not have the money.

The Tierra Vida community is a flourishing community that welcomes everyone and believes in strengthening a sense of wellbeing as people begin to live out through their actions, the values Josias read about. It is such a joy to hear Josias talk about sharing and giving. I firmly believe that the only way we can make this a better world is when we are able to raise our children with good values and principles. Listening to Josias made me realize how our values can impact a growing a child. It makes me so happy. Today whenever little Josias walks into the Collegium Café he looks into my office. I always welcome him into my office for a short chat. With a smile on his face and cookies in his hands he talks about buying something for his friends or his friends buying something for him. He clearly understands neighbor love: the value of sharing with, and caring for each other. Isn’t that just wonderful?


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