The word ‘Collegium’ is defined as a place where people come to share great ideas. And Ian Robertson is a dreamer! He recently came to visit us at the Collegium. At 80 years of age, he is, like a good prophet, crying out against the forces that seek to crush and disconnect people on the one hand, while daring to imagine a more preferred future for them on the other. Ian is a retired Nazarene pastor. Today Ian is dreaming about a safe, affordable community for veterans and their families. He has been talking to potential investors, social service agencies, politicians, and God! Ian’s idea for housing is to construct roughly 800 sq.ft houses for $35,000, in a communal, ranch type setting, where people would work part-time to help offset their rent. He is looking for land to purchase.

What great idea might you be dreaming about? In this time of technology, it is becoming easier and easier to let our machines do the thinking for us! We are forgetting that only people can come to know what’s in the mind of Christ, let alone put it into action in the community or workplace. While the prophet’s work is to help bring our attention to the state of the garden, our work is to listen for those messages from God as they come through ourselves or others, and explore our best role in assisting at their birth!


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