Full Circle

posted by Roger Bairstow, Executive Director of Jubilee Foundation

Ramiro and Alfredo Quiroz

Earlier this year, while the exterior wall of Leo Center was still under construction, Alfredo Quiroz came to our offices seeking assistance. As the masonry contractor involved in the construction, he shared that vandals had stolen a few pallets of material and he was hoping we may have seen something on our cameras.

As a general practice in our community, any interaction we have with people — whether buying a cup of coffee, paying rent, addressing a grievance, or celebrating an achievement — becomes an opportunity to nurture a relationship. This moment with Alfredo was no different.

With a few probing questions, Alfredo quickly moved away from the business of the theft to sharing about his deeper relationship with Broetje Family Trust. As it turns out, Alfredo’s first job as a new immigrant to the U.S. was at Broetje Orchards. In his humble assessment, he was offered a job for no other reason than compassion, as he lacked any experience in orchard work. 

With tears in his eyes, Alfredo shared how profound it was that the company he now owns was awarded the contract for the exterior stonework at Leo Center, considering how little he had when he came to this country and how much he has accomplished since. We were equally touched.

Together with his brother, Ramiro, they have grown from skilled, agricultural workers to business owners employing over 10 full-time employees and working with major contractors throughout the Tri-Cities region. Reflecting on this journey, Alfredo shared the following:

“I remember my supervisors at the farm, like Joe, Cali, and Arturo, and how they gave our team goals while showing compassion and care for us and our families. Now I’m trying to encourage my employees to reach their goals. I want them to have a better life and grow as individuals and support their families.”

As an organization, Broetje Family Trust seeks systems change — creating a better society, one that is more just and caring for all God’s people. Often, the test of whether this is happening is most tangibly felt individual by individual. As Robert Greenleaf asked, are those served becoming “healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?” Here stood Alfredo — an immigrant and former field worker — now co-owner of Universal Plastering 2 and a testament to the essence of that test. 

“It’s pretty cool, but it’s only the beginning.”

-Alfredo Quiroz

for more information about Universal Plastering 2 LLC, contact office@universalplastering2.com or 509-366-4558.

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