Finding My Light

Posted by Jesenia Hernandez, Communications Manager, Broetje Family Trust

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you as the new Communications Manager here at Broetje Family Trust.

Growing up I was adamant about becoming a prosecutor and no one was able to convince me otherwise. I remember walking into Gonzaga University on orientation day and sitting down in my chair when the lights turned off. Suddenly, a candle was lit and the orientation staff encouraged us to “find the light that ignites inside of you.” It would take me years to understand that my drive to become a prosecutor, and then an immigration lawyer, was formed by my lived trauma and my desire to not disappoint my mentors once I had expressed my plans to them.  

Two years after the completion of my Bachelor’s degree and my service in AmeriCorps, I decided to join the Master’s program in Communication and Leadership Studies at my alma mater Gonzaga University. It was then that I realized that my passion for speaking, writing, and creating was the light I was searching for. As I continued my studies, I was called to take a Communications Specialist position with FirstFruits Farms, and then a Programs Assistant position for Vista Hermosa Foundation. Through those experiences, I witnessed firsthand how many people it takes to come around the mission of “Bearing Fruit That Will Last,” locally and internationally. While my day-to-day work involved designing, editing, and administrative tasks, it is the interconnectedness of people, and the idea that each of us has an integral part to play in the work of community, that has taught me the most.

Today I serve as the new Communications Manager for Broetje Family Trust, and I feel honored and blessed to be in a place where I can listen to an amazing community of people and speak on behalf of the collective work we do.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Julio, and together we have two amazing children, Max and Gabriel! I love watching them grow, teaching them, and being able to set a positive example for them. In my free time I enjoy crafting with my cricut machine and being outside listening to the laughter and joy of people around me.

My name is Jesenia Hernandez and it is so nice to meet you!

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