Eneydi Graduates from CDC!

Eneydi with her Classmates from Accounting (Eneydi is the one in the middle)

After five years being part of the program at CDC, Eneydi graduated from college and she now is ready for the next step in life. Upon her exit from the program, Eneydi wrote a touching letter about what she learned in the program and how CDC helped her grow into the woman she is today.


My life in El Centro de Compartimiento was great, because it’s a place where I learned many good things.

From the moment I decided to live at El Centro de Compartimiento, my life started to turn around and living there has transformed who I am.

Even though at home my parents had always taught me values, at CDC was where I learned how to put those values into practice, and I really enjoyed living there and being part of such a marvelous project. They taught me that if you want something, it’s possible to achieve your goals with God’s help and that it’s good to dream and make future plans without forgetting the present. Even with all the obstacles in our paths, there is always a light at the end, and God is always with us, helping us. In our journey there will always be barriers, but those are the same things that make us stronger and in spite of them we don’t give up on our dreams, but we hold on tighter to them.

I also learned to overcome the things that hurt me, the bad things that affect me one way or another, some of them the bad things from my childhood that had burrowed in deep like a thorn. However, thanks to the support and guidance of CDC, I was able to overcome those issues and find healing from the pain. I began to realize that I’m not the only one who has suffered or that has problems, but that there are many others in the world who are passing through painful situations. I realized that I shouldn’t simply live my life for myself, but also for my neighbor, and that things would be better if we lived for one another. God always has control in our lives and he knows the things we have to pass through difficult times to be able to help others in the situations. Perhaps all the experiences I’ve lived through is part of God’s plan to be able to be there for others.

The values I learned in CDC were solidarity and the ability to see and help others in my community.

I liked being part of all the projects that are done by the team at CDC and being involved in each one taught me something, and above all helped me learn how to interact with my community.

In the medical brigades I was involved in, I learned that there are many people who are in need and they received our help with joy. The kids were well behaved, friendly and it would be great if we were able to continue providing them with better medical care, especially for the kids with special needs. These kids have some great qualities and they are capable of doing great things in spite of their difficulties. I really enjoyed being with the elderly women because I they had a lot to teach me from their experiences. They are people we need to listen to and they often need company and help, especially if they live on their own. In our visits to hospitals, I learned there are people who spend a lot of time caring for their sick relatives and because they don’t have a lot of money they sometimes struggle to put food on the table. Our classes for the kids were great—its especially good that we were able to walk alongside them and teach them lessons they don’t learn in school, things like embroidery and baking pastries. I left these beautiful projects with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, knowing that we were able to do something for others and to think outside of ourselves.

I also learned about teamwork and camaraderie, learning to listen and sharing your opinions in the appropriate time or when they are asked for.

All of this was part of my life at CDC, which has been a huge help and support system in my life and for this and more I am very grateful, especially for all your love, guidance and support.

Eneydi  Benitez Dominguez

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