Chutes and Ladders in the Red-Light District

A collaboration by Abner Velez Ortiz, Jermaine Broetje, and Jesenia Hernandez

The board game ‘serpientes y escaleras’, brought by HOME to their monthly block party

El Pozo de Vida fights against human trafficking in Mexico through prevention, intervention, and restoration of children, families, and communities who are vulnerable. La Merced, the country’s largest food market, is on the eastern edge of downtown Mexico City and contains one of the largest prostitution zones in Mexico, resulting in high rates of violence and sexual exploitation. El Pozo de Vida hosts monthly block parties in these red-light districts to disrupt the commercial sex industry by creating an atmosphere of hope and love, complete with music, food, gifts, manicures, etc. Their newest project HOME focuses on the male population to combat issues of machismo, gender violence, the demand for prostitution, and toxic masculinity. In 2017, Vista Hermosa Foundation partnered with El Pozo de Vida for the wellbeing or women and girls and violence prevention. El Pozo de Vida takes a unique approach to combatting trafficking by creating space for mindset shifts of cultural beliefs and expectations that have been historically perpetuated for the benefit of men.

Click here to listen to Abner Velez Ortiz, Coordinator of Project HOME, explain why Chutes and Ladders, Serpientes y escaleras, was brought to the red-light district of Mexico city.

To listen in English, click here for Abner’s explanation through the voice of Jermaine Broetje.

Abner Velez Ortiz and two men having coffee and a conversation

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