CFS hosts Partners Worldwide and Co-Serve

Visitors from Co-Serve, Kenya and Mexico at Vista Hermosa

February 2011 was a remarkable month in the life of the Center For Sharing. In addition to the Global Institute we co-hosted with Vista Hermosa Foun-dation, we also had visits from two other NGO partners.

We share a vision to raise up indige-nous leaders to make an impact in society as they lead by serving in their homes, businesses and com-munities, both in the public and private sectors. At the foundation of this leadership preparation are Christ-centered values.

If we want to train business leaders abroad & export capi-talism without moral guidelines in place, their leadership can become self serving and de-structive for the society in which it is operating. And moral guidelines for leadership has to start at home.

That’s why the Center For Sharing collaborates with local servant-led businesses like Broetje Orchards, a local for-profit fruit company, who is regularly asked to act as a host for the increasing number of folks looking for real-life appli-cations of servant leadership principles in organizations. In this way, we offer visitors op-portunities to reflect on ser-vant leadership theories and look for signs of impact on the people trying to practice them (messy and slow as it is) in organizations and communities such as Tierra Vida, Vista Her-mosa, and Jubilee Youth Ranch.

If you would like to visit one of these communities, please contact us at 509.546.5999.

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