I haven’t been one of those huge fans of Chess. I generally thought it was a game for the intellectually gifted, and one of the best sports to exercise the most important organ in our bodies: the brain. I recently started to take it a little more seriously as I realized that it was a game that explored and tested many characteristics of a person. To begin with it started to make me think, then plan and strategize and be willing to wait patiently and during that process plan my next move. It did not take me long to realize that I really enjoyed the game. I started teaching the kids how to play, with the hope that they would eventually embrace the game. To my surprise the kids took an instant liking to the game.

And so, on the 23rd August 2018 we had a Chess Tournament held at the Collegium Café for the Tierra Vida kids. We had 8 participants who seemed very impatient to start the game. It was really heartening to see the kids stay focused and concentrate as hard as they did to win their games. We had three rounds and after every round the kids would discuss what went right and wrong. There were serious discussions reflecting on the game that finished and what differently they could do for the next game . All the participants were surprised with a free drink and a certificate acknowledging their participation. The first two winners also received a bonus gift and a gift voucher to the Collegium Café. The kids told me that they really enjoyed the chess tournament as it was something different to what they did in the past. They said it was nice to have an indoor tournament with lots of fun and excitement.

This particular event has given me a lot of satisfaction. I enjoyed the experience of motivating these little ones as I constantly encouraged them to stay focused and work hard. I also felt good to have been proved wrong that chess is for the intellectuals. I believe that sports and games are so beautiful and exciting because of the fact that they have no limitations and are open to everyone who wish to have a good time irrespective of how good they are at it. That was what made yesterday’s chess event at the Collegium a huge success. I want to take the opportunity to thank Stephanie (CASA) for being so gracious and give out the certificates and gifts to the kids. The kids came to win but they were equally motivated to have a good time. We witnessed mixed emotions over a period of three hours but eventually it was all smiles at THE COLLEGIUM CAFÉ.




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