A New Dream is Born


The focus of our Servant Leadership training efforts over the past five years in Kenya have focused heavily on educating the community leaders there from the Methodist Church Kenya to work to build better communities. Recently, Roseanne Mbaya, one of the leaders who went through our servant leadership course decided to start something new, a dream of her own. One of our goals during our last trip to Kenya was to assist in the formation of a new NGO to help Roseanne follow her dream. Roseanne has been our on-site organizer for Servant Leadership each year in Kenya, and she has worked for the Methodist Church Kenya for 9 years.

Roseanne organized a two-day board formation meeting which Glenn Cross, Cheryl and Suzanne Broetje attended. In collaboration with VHF, we 3 have agreed to work with her founding board for the time being, which includes 3 Kenyans and Roseanne. Our partner (VHF) Vista Hermosa Foundation is looking at taking the financial initial lead on getting this program off the ground. SLEC, (Servant Leadership and Environmental Conservation) will be working with local communities to promote SL and conservation around farming techniques, protection of trees, and locating sustainable water sources. It will be ecumenical in scope.

The new board expects to receive its certification soon, upon which a bank account will be opened, an office rented and set up, and ready to go by January 1, 2012 pending funding approval by VHF. We are told that funding organizations there will watch it for about 3 years, and then if it has a proven track record, should be willing to start partnering financially with SLEC, allowing VHF to start backing off. In the meantime, participants of any and all new initiatives will be asked what they can contribute first (time, labor and finances).

Roseanne has chosen three Kenyans for her founding board: Rosemary Kirambia, an agriculturalist, Ruth Ketyenya, MCK Health and Welfare Director, and Dr. Richard Bagine, a zoologist, natural resource management and bio-diversity scientist, who happens to be a personal friend of Richard Leakey, the famed paleo-anthropologist. He sits on numerous national and international boards.

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