Brotherly Love


Michael noticed that some of his fellow NELA students did not have gloves or hats on at recess. It was going to be cold soon, and he worried about other kids not being warm. He asked his mom if they could purchase gloves and hats for his school. Michael, along with his younger brother George, wanted to serve their fellow classmates this winter and donate these items.

The boys didn’t have enough money to buy them all on their own, so their mom helped them by reaching out to some of her friends. Two other families chose to help the brothers by funding their project. Another friend offered to go to the store and pick out the hats and gloves for them.

Michael’s thoughtful idea, George’s support, Mom’s community connections, and the assistance of friends—all equal the bountiful gifts of hats and gloves donated to NELA. It’s amazing how the act of caring for friends inspired a community of people to come together and realize a vision.