Next Gen

Engaging the next generation in our legacy of ‘bearing fruit that will last'


Ralph and Cheryl Broetje raised their large, extended family on a working farm in Eastern Washington managed by a diverse workforce from countries around the world.  Immersed in this context, they established many relationships and learned many lessons about such issues as migration, access to education, and opportunities for economic development.  To learn more, a family tradition was established of taking trips abroad to visit with grant partners and the communities in which they serve.  These trips of perspective shaped our family narrative over the years and have become a part of who we are today.  Below are highlights from some of those trips.

Building connections

2015 – Learning from former child soldiers

As a middle school student, Jermaine and some of his cousins attended a WeDay event in Seattle. From this experience, Jermaine identified a deep passion for social justice. In high school, he began to learn about Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in ...

2013 – Nurturing sustainable communities

In 2006, we made a request to World Vision – please find us a place-based initiative to engage with as a family; something that enables us to understand the history of a place and the efforts of people to effect their own change over time. ...

2010 – Understanding farmers and migration

In 2006, we began a relationship with Catholic Relief Services, working with about 100 small apple farmers in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.  The goal was to improve income and reduce migration to the US among small apple producers, their families, and their employees in ...