Student support and mentoring


Our Scholars program is a student support and mentoring program for first generation students interested in pursuing education beyond high school. Our goal is to see youth embrace their God-given gifts and dreams and build the skills and connections needed to put those dreams into action.

Most of our students are the first in their families to pursue higher education. For them to be successful, we know it takes more than money. Scholars is about accompaniment — connecting with youth and their families, bridging relationships with schools, and building cohorts of students who can be a support to one another.

We currently administer one program for eligible students in Eastern Washington:


RISE program

RISE stands for Resilient, Inspired, Student Engagement.  In this program, students are admitted into a two-year cohort and enroll in full-time coursework at Columbia Basin College (CBC).  The cohort meets regularly throughout the year, serving as an invaluable community of support for students as they learn to navigate college life, while also offering guidance around finding one’s gifts and call in the world.  This program is currently open to residents of the Tierra Vida community in East Pasco.

To determine your eligibility or to begin the orientation process, please contact:

Guadalupe Broetje, Program Coordinator
509-412-1763 ext.229


The role of community engagement


Both programs require ongoing community service and engagement.  Over the years, we have learned that the most successful students have built up networks of support, both on and off campus.  The purpose of community service is less about the activity chosen than it is about the intentional effort made by each student to identify an issue or cause that is important to them and to connect with people outside of their regular school routine. On campus, student cohorts offer a closer peer community so that they have someone to turn to in times of need and know that they are not alone.

We consider community engagement as foundational to student growth and success.  As students engage in the community around them, they build supportive relationships that serve them well into the future.



Cesar Castañeda

First Fruits Scholar Cesar Castañeda, who recently graduated from WSU with his bachelor’s degree in Comparative Ethnic Studies and Human Development, gave an encouraging speech to the scholars starting and returning to college this fall. He spoke of finding a sense of belonging through his ...


Jose is a member of the first year CBC cohort of First Fruits Scholars. A few weeks ago, he volunteered to be the first in the group to share his story. He spoke about trauma he experienced in middle and high school as a result ...