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“If I didn’t have the support I received through the Servant Leadership Program and from my parents, I think my story would have ended in tragedy.”

Meet Daisy!  Sharing Daisy’s story allows us to highlight many of the Center for Sharing’s servant-led communities.  Daisy was born in Mexico and came to the U.S when she was about 3 years old. Her parents found work here in agriculture.  When Daisy was in 3rd grade they moved to Vista Hermosa, at Broetje Orchards, where her mom went to work in the daycare center and her dad became a crew leader in the orchard .

There was never really time for real conversation. Work was everything for her family. No one asked Daisy about her dreams and hopes for the future. There was never talk of the future or planning for it. What would she want to do? Who does she want to be? Everything was about just getting by.

Daisy went through some hardships based on decisions she made during her high school, and ended up graduating from Jubilee Leadership Academy.  Jubilee was a boarding school designed specifically to help heal hurting and troubled teens using a servant-led, trauma informed approach.  This meant that love and trust were established before trying to teach students skills needed to change their lives.

It was at Jubilee that Daisy first heard that she was special, and that God had great plans for her life. It was also there that she met her future husband.

Although Daisy tried hard to make her marriage work, during her third pregnancy, she decided to finally close the doors on that relationship.  It was during that time that she found a job with The Center for Sharing, and moved into her first apartment in the Tierra Vida community. She was alone and scared; but for the first time, she began to look to the future.

When Daisy started at the Center for Sharing she was trained as an office assistant. Little by little, she found her voice as she took servant leadership classes, attended a 9-month intensive business course with Charter College, and engaged with co-workers. In time, she was given an opportunity to apprentice for bookkeeping. When CASA, the management company working to develop the Tierra Vida community, was looking for an on-site bookkeeper, Daisy moved into that position and flourished. She still works there today.

Daisy says that servant leadership helped her to learn how to ask questions of those she serves in an effort to understand why they think and feel like they do rather than telling them what they should do! Daisy feels like God has called her to be a voice for the people in the community. Her perspective is that collecting the rent from residents allows her to notice when something is ‘up’ so that she can offer support, guidance and love. She loves to remind folks that this community is not just a place to live, it’s more like a big family where we can share our feelings and grow together into God’s plans to give us all hope and a future.

Center for Sharing’s servant leadership program is committed to helping people find their talents and use them.  We walk with people, empower them, love them, and guide them. We believe in those who may have never had anyone believe in them before.