Jose is a member of the first year CBC cohort of First Fruits Scholars. A few weeks ago, he volunteered to be the first in the group to share his story. He spoke about trauma he experienced in middle and high school as a result of fighting between his parents and domestic violence from his dad. His experiences shaped the way he treats women; he now wants to be a protector of women and said they should be cherished and respected. He wants to ensure that others never have to go through what he has, and also not become a perpetrator himself. He doesn’t currently have a relationship with his father because of what happened, but has chosen positivity over negativity. He is joyful, motivated, and optimistic. His family asks him why he wants to work in agriculture, thinking that it’s better to work in another industry. But Jose is following his dream to become a blueberry farmer like his grandpa. All of this is due to having the right people come into his life and help him develop his sense of self-worth; the Vista Hermosa Community came around him and his whole family to get through the period of violence and start to heal.