Servant Leadership Week-26

Nurturing servant-led communities of practice around the world


Center For Sharing has become home to a growing network of communities of practice in the USA, Mexico and the Philippines.


Etienne Wenger describes a community of practice as a group of people who share concern or passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.  (Communities of Practice 1998).


We aspire to teach, model and assist in the birth and on-going development of communities of practice.  To best illustrate their work and offer space for them to learn from and encourage one another, we host two types of networks: Community of Servant Leaders, and Partners in Authentic Community (PAC).

Servant Leadership Week-26

Community of Servant Leaders


Graduates of the 3-month Servant Leadership 101 course are invited to join the Community of Servant Leaders.  This community gathers for quarterly dinners at the Collegium, with opportunities for fellowship, story-telling, and deeper learning.

Partners in Authentic Community (PAC)


Groups who have completed the full SLD training and formed a mission group around a specific call are invited to join our PAC Association.


PAC members represent place-based, servant led communities who live their lives together while sharing work they are called to, in service of nurturing a more loving, more just society in their specific places.

PAC was formed in 2015 around a common set of principles:


  • Commitment to follow Jesus wherever he leads
  • Special attention to those being excluded now
  • Shared leadership
  • Mutual respect, support and accountability
  • Authority around gifts and call
  • Speak truth and cherish
  • Holistic care for the common good

Connected global members


With members spread across the globe, we use a variety of strategies to foster deeper connection and shared learnings:  we hold monthly meeting onsite for those who are local and/or exploring the formation of a mission group; and we host an annual week-long retreat for our global network, which offers time for additional training and cross-cultural dialogue.

Current PAC members include:

CFS Servant Leadership Development Mission Group

Pasco, WA

Centro de Compartimiento Mission Group

Oaxaca, Mexico

Island of Sanity' and 'Alternative Learning School' Mission Groups, Shepherd's Home

Batangas, Philippines

Tierra Vida Mission Group

Pasco, WA

FirstFruits Community Mission Group

Prescott, WA

NELA Mission Group

Pasco, Washington

Invest in hope

You can be a part of transformation, hope and a new life for those with whom Centros works. Your gift enables us to reach out and serve more people on the road to economic, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Servant Leaders


“If I didn’t have the support I received through the Servant Leadership Program and from my parents, I think my story would have ended in tragedy.” Meet Daisy!  Sharing Daisy’s story allows us to highlight many of the Center for Sharing’s servant-led communities.  Daisy was born in ...